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IMPORTANT System Upgrade Dates

Due to reduced limits on ATM withdrawals and debit card transactions, we recommend having cash on hand prior to Friday, June 28, 2024. Thursday, June 27 Friday, June 28 Saturday, June 29 – Monday, July 1 Tuesday, July 2 Wednesday, July 3 Hamakua Federal Credit Union’s computer system upgrade is complete! Thursday, July 4 HFCU and […]

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Get Away Today!

We are SO excited to partner with Get Away Today to bring you an amazing Disneyland Resort Summer Ticket Offer!  Tickets start at $50/day per child and $83/day per adult for travel June 10 – September 26, 2024 – that’s up to $221 off per ticket! Get Away Today’s tickets are always less than purchasing […]

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Recognizing SSN Scams

CFPB: Five ways to recognize a Social Security scam. From the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau By Erin Scheithe –  FEB 18, 2020     In July, we reported on a rise in scam attempts where Social Security beneficiaries were being asked to pay to reactivate, protect, or restore their benefits. Currently, Social Security scams are the […]

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FTC: Fraud alerts & credit freezes: What’s the difference?

From the Federal Trade Commission February 13, 2020 by Lisa Weintraub Schifferle   Attorney, FTC, Division of Consumer & Business Education  Looking for ways to protect your identity? Two options to consider are fraud alerts and credit freezes. But what’s the difference? A fraud alert makes companies verify your identity before granting new credit in your name. Usually, that means calling […]