Our History

  • An Annual Permit to Operate was filed on June 26th, 1934 with the Farm Credit Administration with authorization to transact business until December 31st, 1938. This was signed by the Farm Credit Administration at the City of Washington, D.C. July 29th, 1937 by the Director of the Credit Union Section.
  • An Organization Certificate for Pepe´ekeo Federal Credit Union (Charter No. 2280) in the Territory of Hawaii was signed July 28th, 1937.
  • Hakalau Federal Credit Union merged with Pepe´ekeo FCU on November 26th, 1969.
  • In 1992 Papā’aloa Federal Credit Union merged with Pepe´ekeo FCU.
  • In June of 1994 Pepe´ekeo FCU changed its name to Hāmākua Coast Community FCU.
  • On March 26th, 2015, Hāmākua Coast Community FCU changed its field of membership to include the entirety of Hawai´i Island.
  • On July 2nd, 2018, Hāmākua Coast Community FCU changed its name to Hāmākua Federal Credit Union.

The Story of Our New Logo

Water represents life. Without water nothing can survive and grow. Water encircles Hawai‘i Island and its people, and water from above brings life and beauty to Hāmākua.

The three water droplets represent the credit union’s Past — with its roots humbly serving the Pepe‘ekeo community; the Present — our island wide Field of Membership change that has allowed us to grow and expand beyond providing just our basic services; and our Future — as we further grow our membership and broaden our offerings of products and services to meet members needs wherever they live.

The ripples are created as the water droplets impact the bountiful waters of Hāmākua and then gently expand to touch all of Hawai‘i Island.

How to Join Us

People who live, work, worship or attend school on Hawai´i Island, as well as their immediate family members and spouses of persons who died while in the field of membership are eligible for membership with the Credit Union. The Credit Union will review a valid, unexpired Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, Military ID or Birth Certificate (for minors) and may further require you to present a Lease Agreement or Real Property Deed; Utility Bill (electric, water, telephone, cable service, etc.); or a Real Property tax bill or Assessment in your name to provide proof of physical residence.

Your membership is established with Hāmākua FCU when you make a deposit of $10.00 or more to a Regular Share account and pay our $1.00 membership fee.

Once a Member, Always a Member.

Once a person becomes a member of the Credit Union, they may remain a member until they choose to close their account. We have active members located throughout Hawai´i, the mainland U.S. and internationally.

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